Inventory Management

Increase your sales and keep track of every unit with our powerful stock management, order fulfillment, and inventory control software.

Why Choose PowerBooks Inventory Management?

Create Sales/Purchase order wherever you are

Accept your business orders in advance professionally. Create sale/purchase orders from anywhere(even while you are not at your shop). Easily convert them to bills in just a click when you complete the order. This way, your inventory gets updated only when the order completes. This free inventory management software helps you handle orders right and maintain proper accounts with intelligent inventory management. Convert them to sale invoice in just a click when order completes.

Get Real-time updates on your inventory

Know everything that is happening with your items whenever you are and whenever you want to. See what’s left in your inventory instantly on your phone instead of manually counting up all items lying in your store. . Get automatic reorder reminders when stock level goes below minimum quantity. Check remaining stock quantities quick. With this inventory management software, avoid loss of customers and sales. This inventory management software helps you to see what’s selling the most. With this simple inventory management by PowerBooks you can make better business decisions and earn more profits.


Easily track your inventory, know which items sell fast, which items expire soon. Invest on right inventory & earn better profit with PowerBooks.

Access your PowerBooks account from any device, anywhere.