The Customer Management Suite includes web-based customer relationship management (CRM) applications for managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and customer accounts.It’s a platform that connects your different departments, from marketing to sales to customer service, and organizes their notes, activities, and metrics into one cohesive system. Every user has easy, direct access to the real-time client data they need. This not only allows for unparallelled coordination across teams and departments, but also makes it possible for businesses to provide their customers with something extra ordinary: personalize, one-to-one customer journeys

Why Choose PowerBooks CRM ?

Ease of use

Simple and straightforward user interface with a minimal learning curve.
Ability to set up and start selling right from day one.
Easy migration from spreadsheets and other CRM systems.


Completely customize your CRM experience without writing a single line of code.
Effortless integration with third-party business apps that you use daily.
Easily adaptable to meet different industry-specific needs.

ERP and CRM that work together

Customer Management (also called Customer Relationship Management) was built into PowerBooks from the very beginning. It is not a loosely integrated module like so many other midmarket ERP products. From marketing, quoting, and sales to delivery and post-sales support, customer information is always up
to date and accurate.

Integrated content management

PowerBooks provides a consolidated view of all customer records in a single database. This access to all written quotes, invoices, and support cases provides to every member of your team a 360-degree view of all customer activities and records.


Dashboards and reports provide real-time sales data to help your team manage forecasts, quotas, and results. Efficiently communicate and collaborate with customers through the PowerBooks Customer Portal. Helpful tools give customers access to information about their interaction with your company and enable activities online.

Start selling smarter, better and faster

Access your PowerBooks account from any device, anywhere.