Spend less time running payroll for your employees so you can focus on growing your business.

Why Choose PowerBooks Payroll?

In PowerBooks Federal and state payroll taxes are calculated, filed, and paid, automatically.

After an initial setup, payroll will run automatically. Auto Payroll makes it easy to stay in control with clear alerts and notifications.

Automatic time tracking made easy for you and your team. Seamlessly integrated with PowerBooks Online Payroll, you can approve payroll when you’re ready.Manage your time and money with same-day direct deposit.


Benefits Of Payroll in PowerBooks


Manage all the details about employee enrolment into an organisation


Record attendance automatically based on entry and exit times of employees and synchronizes the data from biometric device.

Salary Processing

Easiest way to process employee salary in a click.


Track multiple shifts of multiple employees easily and accurately.


Track leaves of all part-time and full-time employees even when they have different shifts.

Salary Deduction

Deduct salaries on the basis of leaves, taxes, and expenses with improved accuracy and convenience

Salary Addition

Record and calculate incentives based on the selected rule

Expense Claim

Manage and calculate all the employee related expenses

Get payroll that fits your business with PowerBooks.

Access your PowerBooks account from any device, anywhere.